This ain't your grandma's knitting circle

We're a decentralized pack of meme coin junkies, gaming gurus, creative technomancers, and art aficionados. Here, we're about more than just raising the roof; we're about raising the woof...err... meow?

We Govern Stuff...

Fueling our meme-powered rocket is the Kitty Inu token, the ERC20 certified digital tuna that governs our DAO. It's not just another fish in the sea; it's your boarding pass into the fur-midable world of DAO governance. Remember, in Kitty Inu DAO, your vote doesn't just count; it purrs!

cat-doge of the interwebz

The star of our meme-verse is the one and only Kitty Inu, licensed by 9VRSE Inc. As the reigning cat-doge of the interwebz, Kitty Inu is the embodiment of all that's cool and claw-some in the DAO world. And no, Kitty Inu is not up for adoption; we're all just its humble servants in this decentralized playground.

Stacks on Deck

But hey, we're not just here to play; we're here to PAW-er up the community. Our DAO's treasury is the beating heart that pumps liquid gold - or should we say milk? - into community initiatives. We're all about that diamond paws life, hodling together and propelling projects that give everyone in the DAO a reason to say "GM!"

Kitty next shib

So, are you tired of all those grumpy cat memes telling you to "go away?" Are you ready to dive into a vibrant, engaging, and downright quirky community where the phrase "Cats rule the Internet" is taken a tad too literally? Well, then Kitty Inu DAO is the purr-fect place for you!

Get ready to put those laser eyes to work and join us in making every day Caturday. To infinity and beyond, frens!