Ecosystem roadmap

Latest update: 6/11/2023

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This roadmap gathers publicly available information. It doesn't engage any of the Kitty Inu ecosystem builders.

Kitty Inu Token


  1. Fair launch of the $kitty V1 token

    No pre-sale, no early launch, no team tokens, just an Uniswap pool and a sniper bots protection.

  2. Kitty Inu V1 website

    Kitty Inu V1 website

  3. Listing on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, Etherscan

  4. Strategic partnership with Culture DAO

    Kitty Inu x Culture DAO

    The Culture DAO is a Web3 guild of AI filmmakers and gamesmakers. The Culture DAO will provide its community, ressources and technologies to support Kitty Inu's AI-powered innovative features.

    The Culture DAO

  5. Advertising campaigns on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Btok

  6. New York City billboards advertising campaign

    New York City Kitty Inu billboard

  7. CNN and Yahoo, non-paid for, articles mentioning Kitty Inu

    CNN article mentioning Kitty InuYahoo article mentioning Kitty Inu

    CNN articleYahoo article

  8. The Culture DAO Demo Day 2022 2nd place winner

    Kitty Inu x Culture Demo Day 2022Kitty Inu x Culture Demo Day 2022

    Kitty Personality AI won the second place in the AI Demo Day presented by Culture. Jury was composed of ReplikaAI, A2 Accelerate Art, 1kx and AI professionals.


  1. partnership

    KittyInu x

    $kitty can be used to purchase items from Walmart, eBay, Home Depot and Ali Express through

  2. Gokhsthein Media partnership

    KittyInu x Gokhshtein

  3. Miami buses advertising campaign

    Miami Kitty Inu busesMiami Kitty Inu busMiami Kitty x Art Basel

  4. Kitty Inu's Game Nights

    Kitty Inu's Game On

    Join the Kitty Inu Discord community to play weekly quizzes and fun games, with many prizes to win.

  5. Kitty Inu V2 website

    Kitty Inu V2 website

    A cutting edge 3D website that brings together the Kitty Inu ecosystem.

  6. The Kitty Letter

    Kitty Letter #1Kitty Letter #7Kitty Letter #8

    A bi-weekly newsletter about the Kitty Inu ecosystem.

    The Kitty Letters

  7. Roc Sol collaboration

    Kitty Inu x Roc SolKitty Inu x Roc SolKitty Inu x Roc Sol

    Roc Sol is an artist and a muralist, founder of Project Roadmap Mural and co-founder of The Other Block.

  8. New York City 3D billboard advertising campaign

    New York City Kitty Inu 3D billboardNew York City Kitty Inu 3D billboard


  1. Kitty Inu DAO formed

    Kitty Inu's holders formalized the DAO governing over the token and approved the DAO's constitution with a perfect 100% score for "Yes" with more than 88 billion $kitty voting.

    DAO's constitution vote

  2. Kitty Inu DAO's first Committee election

    Kitty Inu's holders elected the first DAO's Committee members.

    First Committee election9VRSE Inc's representative vote

  3. Relaunch of the Kitty Inu's Twitter and Telegram accounts

    Kitty Inu Twitter relaunchKitty Inu Twitter relaunch

    Kitty Inu's Twitter and Telegram accounts are now owned and operated by the Kitty Inu DAO.

    Twitter accountTelegram channel

  4. $kitty V2 token airdrop

    Kitty Inu's holders decided to create a new V2 contract for the $kitty token to improve performance and security. V2 tokens was airdropped 1:1 to V1 holders and V1 liquidities moved to a new Uniswap pool for the V2 token.

    DAO's V2 token vote

  5. Kitty Inu DAO voted a 138B $kitty Builder Grant for 9VRSE Inc. to create an Ecosystem Fund

    The Ecosystem Fund will be used to provide grants to community projects and to fund operations beneficial to the $kitty ecosystem.

    DAO's 9VRSE Ecosystem Fund vote

  6. Kitty Inu DAO appointed 9VRSE Inc. as their agent for tier-1 CEX listings

    DAO's vote

  7. Kitty Inu DAO contracted Borovik as an advisor to the DAO Committee

    DAO's Borovik vote

  8. Updated listing on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko and Etherscan for the V2 token

  9. First Katurday community event


  10. Kitty Inu DAO website

    Kitty Inu DAO websiteKitty Inu DAO website

In the future

  1. Tier-1 CEX listingGetting finalized

  2. Second tier-1 CEX listingIn progress

  3. New marketing partnershipsIn progress



  1. Multiplayer closed technical beta test

    KittyKart closed betaKittyKart closed betaKittyKart closed beta

    300 people signed-up to test the first technical multiplayer preview release of KittyKart.

  2. Single-player closed technical beta test

    Players can now compete against AI-powered opponents in a single player mode.

  3. KittyKart video documentary by Becky Lane

    KittyKart documentary by Becky LaneKittyKart documentary by Becky LaneKittyKart documentary by Becky Lane

    Watch the documentary

  4. Public KittyKart technical demo

    The first public release of KittyKart, with one map, a single player mode and a multiplayer mode.

  5. KittyKart weekly tournaments

    Every week, come play KittyKart with the Kitty Inu community in the 9VRSE Discord server to have fun and win many prizes.

  6. KittyKart macOS support

    KittyKart's demo can now be played on Apple computers.

  7. Gen Zero Guild partnership

    KittyKart x Gen Zero GuildKittyKart x Gen Zero GuildKittyKart x Gen Zero Guild

    Multiple tournaments co-hosted with Gen Zero Guild, with $USDC prize pools.

  8. Juice Team partnership

    KittyKart x Juice Team

    Multiple tournaments co-hosted with Juice Team, with $USDC prize pools.

  9. NFT.NYC 2022 Best Play to Earn Mechanics finalist

    NFT.NYC 2022 finalistNFT.NYC 2022 finalistNFT.NYC 2022 Kitty Inu partyNFT.NYC 2022 Kitty Inu party

    NFT.NYC 2022 finalists

  10. Elixir partnership

    KittyKart x ElixirKittyKart x Elixir

    KittyKart is listed on Elixir, providing to players an alternative secured way to download the game. Multiple tournaments with renowned Elixir's streaming partners. New contents made and distributed by Elixir's top-tier content creators.

    KittyKart on ElixirAnnouncement

  11. Second race track first sneak peek

    Second track sneek peakSecond track sneek peak

  12. Genesis Kart free mint

    Genesis KartGenesis Kart

    A unique kart design, mintable for free, as a reward for community members who had been building the project alongside 9VRSE Inc.

    Genesis Kart collection on OpenSea

  13. Venly partnership

    KittyKart x VenlyKittyKart x Venly

    KittyKart tournaments with prizes hosted by Venly.


  1. Ithaca College KittyKart tournament

    KittyKart x Ithaca CollegeKittyKart x Ithaca CollegeKittyKart x Ithaca College

  2. Mushroom Madness race track video preview

    Mushroom MadnessMushroom MadnessMushroom Madness

    Watch the video

  3. partnership

    KittyKart x Elixir

    OWNED is a Web3 Gaming-centric platform where you'll be able to access KittyKart and get rewarded for your playtime.

  4. Crypto Unicorns partnership

    KittyKart x Crypto Unicorns

    A special Stream & Chill event with Unicorn bundles, Genesis Karts and $USDC prizes to win.

  5. BluMint partnership

    KittyKart x Crypto Unicorns

    Multiple KittyKart Stream and Chill events hosted by BluMint, with $USDC prizes. BluMint is a gaming discovery platform that hosts a variety of tournaments and events.

  6. Mushroom Madness race track playable preview

    KittyKart's Mushroom Madness race trackKittyKart's Mushroom Madness race track

    A multiplayer playable preview of KittyKart's second race track, Mushroom Madness.

  7. KittyKart's official website

    KittyKart's official websiteKittyKart's official website

    An official website fully dedicated to KittyKart.

    KittyKart's official website

In the future

  1. Mushroom Madness final releaseGetting finalized

  2. Second 1:1 kart NFTGetting finalized

  3. Fourth playable characterGetting finalized

  4. BodyShop (customize your kart)In development

  5. Arbitrum supportIn development

  6. Play & Earn mode

  7. Battle Royale mode

  8. Story mode

  9. 3D avatar interoperability (import your non-Kitty 3D PFP)



  1. 9VRSE's Kitty Inu avatar collection preview

    Kitty Inu avatarKitty Inu avatarKitty Inu avatarKitty Inu avatar

    A 9,999 3D-rigged Kitty Inu avatar collection.

  2. Tableland's "What's ahead for web3 gaming in 2023" panel discussion

    Tableland panel discussionTableland panel discussion

    Watch Tableland's panel discussion

  3. DRI 2022's cryptocurrency panel discussion

    DRI 2022 Annual MeetingDRI 2022 Annual MeetingDRI 2022 Annual Meeting

    DRI is the leading organization of civil defense attorneys and in-house counsel in the USA.

    DRI 2022 Annual Meeting brochure

  4. AI Film Festival 2022 panel discussion

    AI Film Festival 2022AI Film Festival 2022AI Film Festival 2022

    9VRSE Inc. was present at the first AI Film Festival in San Fransisco and discusses Kitty / AI for NPCs on a panel discussion alongside Sequoia, A16Z, Google/Phenaki, Numerai, Runaway ML, Stanford...


  1. Real Agency, a Real Third Web x 9VRSE partnership

    Real AgencyReal AgencyReal Agency

    An on-chain community focused on gaming, luxury and culture. Creating stories with next generation players.

    Real Agency's keys collectionReal Agency's websiteReal Agency's Twitter

In the future

  1. Kollektion by Kitty Inu, a 100x Kitty Inu 1:1 ordinals collectionGetting finalized

    Kollektion by Kitty Inu

    A 100x 1:1 ordinals collection designed by Ace, distributed for free to the most active Kitty's community members.

  2. Fortune 500 company partnershipGetting finalized

  3. A second international multi-billion dollar company partnershipGetting finalized

  4. Kitty Inu 9,999 3D rigged avatars NFT collectionIn development

  5. AI-powered gaming-oriented development toolsIn development

  6. Kitty Inu iNFT avatar upgrade (AI-powered PFP NFTs with a persona)

  7. Kitty Inu, $kitty-powered, virtual world and social environment

  8. Kitty Inu animated series and movies

  9. Kitty Inu virtual concerts

This roadmap aims to gather and sum up all the information publicly available on the Kitty Inu ecosystem present and future developments. As the Kitty Inu ecosystem is decentralized, this roadmap doesn't engage any of the Kitty Inu ecosystem builders. All unreleased projects contained in this roadmap are subjected to change.