Token Ticker: $kitty
L1 Chain: Ethereum Network

Total & Circulating Supply

A billion ain't no biggie for us. Kitty Inu tokens? We've minted a grand total of 731.7 billion. Why? Because in our world, big numbers are like laser pointers - irresistible and hella fun to chase.

Initial Token Allocation

Kitty eating a cake

The DAO's Meow-llionaire's Club: 38%

But who holds the key to the Kitty Castle? It's all you frens! We're all about decentralization, and a significant amount of the Kitty Inu tokens, a cool 38% or 278,074,711,162 billion, are held by you, the Kitty Inu DAO community. You aren't just token hodlers; you're steering this ship.

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Kitty celebrating

The Kitty Litter: 62%

62% went to the Kitty Litter - better known as "Public Sale". Here, everyone had an equal chance to grab their share of $kitty tokens. No kitty was left behind!